About This Project

I joined the U.S. Marines while at Texas A&M. I knew nothing about the military just thought that the Marines sure did focus on getting in shape. I was a hippy college kid who needed to get off his butt and get in shape. One of the best things I ever did was join the Marines and I would do it all over again if I had the chance. I joined after Vietnam as a 7511 A-6 Intruder pilot and left before the Gulf war.


When I was in the Marines I gave it everything I had. I look back and would not have traded a thing for the experience. My life, work ethic, ability to deal with life and challenges I owe to the Marines. The great thing about the military, even back in the seventies and eighties, is there was no inequality. Everyone was on equal footing. You learned to rely on, trust, and give everything for your fellow service members regardless of race, religion, or gender.


After the Marines I became a commercial airline pilot. After 20 years with Delta (last position 767-400 Captain – with a perfect record) they were about to declare bankruptcy and take pensions. I had other irons in the fire and decided to go to my longhorn/quarter horse ranch full time.


My wife Lydia Brown (my true love) was still working for American Airlines. She thought I was goofing off too much and told me to get busy. I told her that I wanted to be an attorney. Well, if it was not for the Marines that would have been the end of it. By God, I said I could do it and so like a Marine, I didn’t give up. I passed law school and the bar on my first attempt. I am licensed to practice in Texas.


I wrote, produced, and performed two albums: “All BY Myself” and “A Day at the Neighborhood Studio” under the name Robert Christopher Brown. Bobby Brown was already taken.

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