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I am a United States Army veteran who now continues to serve by working hand in hand with transitioning service members as they exit the military. My position consists of educating our soon to be veterans on all the benefits they have earned by serving their country. Many require special services as they have been to combat and return wounded. I joined the U.S. Army National Guard in 2016 and continue to fill that sense of purpose while continuing to serve my country and impacting lives.

I am a wife and mother of two boys; one who has recently joined the U.S. Army following in mom & dad’s footsteps, while the other prepares for the same right behind him. As you can see we are a military family with a passion for our country amongst many other things.

My husband and I have always been referred to as a dynamic duo, power couple or down right beasts. We are always joined at the hip motivating each other and thinking of creative ways to push our bodies to the next level; the more bazaar the better! Recruiting others to join the madness that we consider a good time while burning calories sparks a different kind of motivation in us. We are both very competitive and refuse to be the first man or woman down.

I have recently (September 16, 2016) competed in the largest fitness platform in the U.S. which happens to be the same stage where Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Lenda Murray and many others became legends. This is a huge accomplishment for me that I am very proud of. My husband and I both are professional body builders under two different leagues. I am an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) Women’s Physique Pro and my husband is a NSL Classic Physique Pro. Combined we both have over 20 years of fitness, bodybuilding, and health experience. Our passion and background for health and fitness drove us to give back to our community even further by creating our own health and fitness supplement line. Our line consists of clean, effective, crossed matched supplements which have eliminated any ingredients that fall on the NCAA and Department of Defense “no use” list.

I have been an International Sports Science Association (ISSA) certified personal trainer since 2009. This allowed me to work from home as I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice which enabled me to give back to my family while doing something I love. We train many athletes of all fitness levels and sports mainly within the bodybuilding realm. Most of our clientele is based on bodybuilding therefore, we have formulated a team which allows us to put more emphasis on their needs meanwhile, ensuring the athletes have a sense of belonging and team dynamic. By playing an intricate role in so many lives and working closely with various personalities, ages, genders, fitness levels, disabilities or limitations, this platform has increased my versatility as a leader.    http://www.gmistnutrition-health.com/


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