8 Tips for PCSing During COVID-19|Military.com | By Rebecca Alwine
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8 Tips for PCSing During COVID-19|Military.com | By Rebecca Alwine

Passengers traveling through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport fill out a screening questionnaire. (Tryphena Mayhugh/DVIDS)

While the typical permanent change of station (PCS) season is usually well underway by the end of July, this year is anything but typical. As the moving process continues to shift thanks COVID-19, military families face more questions than answers. And like so much in military life, our best tips often come from those who have gone through a process or move before us.

For families PCSing overseas this year the changes and gotchas can be pretty drastic and leave you with few choices. When the green light comes to fly, what do you need to know? Army wife Missi Hayes recently moved from Hawaii to North Carolina with her husband and son, and learned a few things along the way.


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